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Technologies of Vision: dynamic scene understanding

SmarTrack - an adaptive system for real-time tracking of multiple people in videos

Reference project - FBK Joint Research Project PUMALAB - Attentive Bayesian Perception using Multi-modality, Adaptation and Learning

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* description | potential application areas | achievements

* people tracking - mpeg video (11 669 504) illustrating how SmarTrack works

* SmarTrack@IST2006 - SmarTrack awarded one of three winners of the Best IST 2006 Exhibit Award.

* CHIL EU Project (IST-2002-506909) - CHIL Technologies: SmarTrack [pdf]

* FBK SpotLight n. 15/2009 FBK SmarTrack video [wmv]




US Patent 7965867  -  EU Patent Application EP20060116896 pending (06116896.9)
Method and Apparatus for Tracking a Number of Objects or Object Parts in Image Sequences

EU Patent 2302589  -  US Patent 8436913
Method for Efficient Target Detection from Images robust to Occlusion



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