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publication list - 2013

* M. Lecca
A Full Linear 3x3 Color Correction between Images
Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, 2013, Online First [doi]

* S. Messelodi, C.M. Modena
Scene Text Recognition and Tracking to Identify Athletes in Sport Videos
Multimedia Tools and Applications, Special Issue on Automated Media Analysis and Production for Novel TV Services, Vol. 63, No. 2, pp. 521--545, 2013 [doi] [preprint]

* E. Ricci, G. Zen, N. Sebe, S. Messelodi
A Prototype Learning Framework using EMD: Application to Complex Scenes Analysis
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysys and Machine Intelligence, Vol. 35, N. 3, pp. 513-526, 2013 [doi]

* P. Reddy Marpu, M. Pedergnana, M. Dalla Mura, J.A. Benediktsson, L. Bruzzone
Automatic Generation of Standard Deviation Attribute Profiles for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Remote Sensing Data
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, Vol. 10, N. 2, pp. 293-297, 2013 [doi]

* P. Lecca, M. Lecca
Mechanistic Models of Astrocytic Glucose Metabolism Calibrated on PET Images
Chapter in Book, Biomechanics of Cells and Tissues, Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics, Vol. 9, P. Lecca Ed., pp. 131-155, 2013 [doi]

* R. Subramanian, Y. Yan, J. Staiano, O. Lanz, N. Sebe
On the relationship between head pose, social attention and personality prediction for unstructured and dynamic group interactions
15th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction - ICMI, Sydney, Australia, 9-13 December 2013

* Y. Yan, E. Ricci, R. Subramanian, O. Lanz, N. Sebe
No Matter Where You Are: Flexible Graph-guided Multi-task Learning for Multi-view Head Pose Classification Under Target Motion
International Conference on Computer Vision - ICCV, pp. 1177-1184, Sydney, Australia, 1-8 December 2013 [doi]

* L. Porzi, S. Messelodi, C.M. Modena, E. Ricci
A Smart Watch-based Gesture Recognition System for Assisting People with Visual Impairments
ACM International Workshop on Interactive Multimedia on Mobile and Portable Devices - IMMPD, pp. 19-24, Barcelona, Spain, 22 October 2013 [doi]

* M. Lecca
Methods for Estimating the von Kries Transform: A Review and a Comparison
IX Color Conference, pp 28-39, Firenze, Italy, 19-20 September 2013

* F. Setti, O. Lanz, R. Ferrario, V. Murino, M. Cristani
Multi-scale f-formation discovery for group detection
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing - ICIP, Melbourne, Australia, 13-18 September 2013

* Y. Yan, G. Liu, E. Ricci, N. Sebe
Multi-task linear discriminant analysis for multi-view action recognition
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing - ICIP, pp. 2842-2846 Melbourne, Australia, 13-18 September 2013 [doi]

* S. Mutlu, T. Hu, O. Lanz
Learning the scene illumination for color-based people tracking in dynamic environment
International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing - ICIAP, LNCS/8157, pp 683--692 Naples, Italy, 11-13 September 2013

* T. Hu, S. Mutlu, O. Lanz
Multicamera People tracking using a locus-based probabilistic occupancy map
International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing - ICIAP, LNCS/8157, pp. 693-702, Naples, Italy, 11-13 September 2013

* P. Chippendale, M. Zanin, M. Dalla Mura
Geo-positional Image Forensics through Scene-Terrain Registration
International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications - VISAPP 2013, Barcelona, Spain, 21-24 February 2013. pp. 41-47