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Technologies of Vision: past activities and projects

*people tracking, gesture analysis, activity recognition

  • ACube - Ambient Aware Assistance (PAT Grand Project). The goal is to improve the quality of life for the elderly and disabled through technological progress in areas such as a rehabilitation center or an institution for Alzheimer sufferers. ACube acts in the framework of Ambient Intelligence: the scientific challenge is to study methods and technologies for monitoring complex environments using distributed sensor networks in order to detect events, situations, and activities even in complex scenarios with many people.
  • MY-e-DIRECTOR 2012 - Real-Time Context-Aware and Personalized Media Streaming Environments for Large Scale Broadcasting Applications (EU Project closed).
  • NETCARITY - A NETworked multisensor system for elderly people: health CARe, safety and securITY in home environment (EU Project - closed).
  • CHIL - Computers in the Human Interaction Loop (EU Project - closed)
  • PEACH - Personal Experience with Active Cultural Heritage (FU-PAT Project - closed)
  • SCA - Safety Critical Areas (Ordered Project - closed)

*traffic road analysis

  • DIPLODOC - DIstributed Processing of LOcal Data for On-line Car services (FU-PAT Project - closed)
  • TAS - Traffic Analysis System (inside progetto Pilota)
  • VIABILITA - VIdeo ABILIty for Traffic Analysis

*analysis by content of images and video sequences

  • CODICE - COmplex Documents Indexing by Content Exploitation (internal project with the past MIUR project Microbio)
  • Electronic Librarian (inside MAIA - internal project): text and book recognition (closed)
  • Electronic Librarian (inside MAIA - internal project): Face recognition (closed)
  • Template Matching Techniques in Computer Vision: Theory and Practice, Roberto Brunelli (2009 book) See: in Google Book Search
    Template Matching Techniques in Computer Vision: the Code Companion [here]
  • VIDEO - Video and Image Data Exploration and Organization. Content based video/image indexing and retrieval.
    (with the past EU Projects: EUROMEDIA, OPAL, PRESTO, PRIMAVERA)
  • VIKEF - Virtual Information and Knowledge Environment Framework (EU project - closed)
  • WebFAQ - Flexible Access and Quality on the Web (FU-PAT project - closed)

*analysis of biometrical features and thier integration for person identity verification

  • Biometrics - identity verification (face and hand)
  • PiD - Person identification (face and voice)
  • SpotIt! - Photographic quality face composition and retrieval

* dissemination