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Technologies of Vision: labeled databases sharing

GroundTruth100-for-COIL : 100 labelled images for object recognition tests

Notice: Available for download. This data can only be used for research or academic purposes.

* To contribute in testing of vision-based object recognition systems, TeV makes available for download a labelled image database, named GroundTruth100-for-COIL, developed for the MEMORI project.

The database consists of 100 synthetic images depicting some objects against a non-uniform background. The objects are rotated and rescaled versions of objects taken from the Columbia Object Image Library COIL-100 (freely available starting from CAVE - Computer Vision Laboratory of Columbia University).
First, the 100 objects of COIL in each one of the 72 poses have been separated from their background using a semi-automatic method. Some of them have been randomly chosen, then rotated with a random angle and scaled with a random factor in the range [0.7, 1.3]. Finally, they have been superimposed on a synthetic, non-uniform, colored background in a non-overlapping fashion.

* To evaluate the performance of an object retrieval system, each image is tagged with ground-truth information, i.e. with a labelled map, where each labelled segment corresponds to one object or to background, and with data about the COIL objects present in it: class, pose, rotation angle and scale. Therefore, the GroundTruth100-for-COIL archive comprises three parts: images, labelled maps, data on objects.

  • images - Img100-COIL
    Image quantity:    100
    Image format:      ppm 
    Image dimensions:  430x400; 375x400; 484x484
    Image filenames:   imgN.ppm (with N = 1,... 100)
    Backgrounds:       5
    Objects per image: from 4 to 13
    Objects in images: 735
  • labelled maps - pgmMask100-COIL
    Image quantity:    100
    Image format:      pgm 
    Image dimensions:  430x400; 375x400; 484x484
    Image filename:    maskN.pgm (with N = 1,... 100)
    Background label:  0
    Object labels:     1, 2, 3, ...
  • data on objects - InfoMask100-COIL
    File quantity: 100
    File format:   txt
    File name:     infoN.dat (with N = 1,... 100)
    File content:  the n-th row lists: COIL object class (from 1 to 100), 
                   COIL object pose in degrees, rotation angle in radians, and 
    	       scale factor of the segment with label n in the 
    	       labelled map.

* An example.

* To download the GroundTruth100-for-COIL use the following links (the files are tar files compressed with gzip )

   GroundTruth100-for-COIL_README.txt (3965)
   Img100-COIL.tgz (17478554)
   pgmMask100-COIL.tgz (270303)
   InfoMask100-COIL.tgz  (9198)

Remark: this data can only be used for research or academic purposes. For a complete test on recognition and pose estimation of objects in images you need COIL-100, too.

* We make also available the masks of the COIL objects coil-100-masks:

Image quantity:    7200 (100 objects x 72 poses)
Image format:      pbm
Image dimension:   128x128
Image filename:    objC__P.ppm where C indicates 
                   the COIL object (from 1 to 100) and P
                   its pose (from 0° to 355°, step 5°)
Background value:  0
Foreground value:  1

To download the masks of the COIL-100 objects use the following link:

coil-100-masks.tgz (1358413)

* An other labelled database for tests on object recognition is GroundTruth-for-PonceDB


For further information on the data or on MEMORI, please contact Michela Lecca, e-mail lecca (at) fbk.eu